SimpliciTeas Tea Room

My sister asked about the closeup photograph of the daisy in my last post. It was taken during our recent visit to the LoneStar Antique Mall’s tea room, Simpliciteas.

As you can see, I ordered the half veggie sandwich/half fruit salad; Joe had the soup of the day and a roast beef sandwich.

Their fruit salad is the best I’ve ever had – anywhere. Everything fresh, nothing overripe and much more than an ordinary honeydew/cantelope mixture. There are usually 7 or more varieties of fruit served with a poppyseed dressing on the side.

Dessert for me is almost always the orange cake; can’t remember the proper name. It’s a sponge cake base with a zesty orange filling and frothy topping. The serving is large enough to share, and a bit of a stretch for just one person, unless you’re still quite hungry. (This photo was taken during a previous lunch, when I was eating alone.)

Passed this booth as we were leaving. Wish I knew the owner’s name to share with you. It’s one of my favorite booths there; she always sets up her display as a fully decorated room and it’s lovely, isn’t it?


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4 responses to “SimpliciTeas Tea Room

  1. Joe

    I think it is called Orange Dream. It is worth going there just to have it!!

  2. The food at Simplici-teas Tea Room puts the food at the only tea room I’ve ever visited here in town to shame. It looks wonderful!

    When I was a little girl I tended to have car sickness when we traveled so my mom tried several things to settle my stomach on trips. What she settled on was unfrosted orange cupcakes and warm 7-up. I loved those cupcakes — and not just because they made me feel better. When I saw an orange cake mix recently I bought one. I haven’t made it yet, but I just had to have one more batch of orange cupcakes!

    • Recently my sister reminded me that our mother used to make an orange cake. It was wonderful. And reading your comment brought the fragrance back to me.

      I’ve never tried 7-Up for car sickness, but I think I’ll have it on hand next time.

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