1931 Ford Pickup

Towards the far left center (as you enter through the front door) at the LoneStar Antique Mall, there sits a beautiful example of American engineering – an 1931 Ford pickup truck.

It’s displayed with some vintage looking Mobil oil signs, oil cans, etc.

Remember when they were called “service stations” and they really were full service?

“Check your oil for you?” the uniformed man would say as he was cleaning the windshield.


I digress. You can go here for the Wikipedia article on the 1927-1931 Ford Model A.

Because of so many other items surrounding it, I couldn’t get a good photograph of the whole truck.

If you can’t go to the LoneStar Antique Mall in Haltom City, Texas, you can go here to see a nicely restored one.

This vehicle is on my fantasy wish list.


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2 responses to “1931 Ford Pickup

  1. Carla, I came over to your unique blog from your comment at Tea in England. Can’t wait to explore more of it! Just had to comment about service stations. We had one Chevron station in town that continued to offer full service as well as self service for a very long time after every other station in the state had gone over to self service. And I continued to go there to the very end (they shut down completely when the owner retired). Everyone I knew made fun of me for paying the higher price, but it was so worth it to me.

    • Hurrah for you! I think it’s quite nice that you supported a local business with personal service.

      There are so many pleasant parts of life that are fading and service stations are just one of them. Groceries being bagged and carried out to the car is one. Having a human being answer when I call the doctor’s office is another thing I miss.

      I could go on and on.

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog, Jean and sharing your memory.

      Hearing other’s stories is one of the nicer aspects of blogging.

      Feel free to share anytime.

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