Fun with Dick and Jane, part I

Basic Readers 1946-47 Edition

These pages are from the Basic Reader “Fun with Dick and Jane”, by William S. Gray and May Hill Arbuthnot. Illustrated by Eleanor Campbell and Keith Ward. Scott, Foresman and Company, 1946.

As you can see, the book is well worn from lots of 6 year old hands. I can’t afford the really good copies (the last time I even saw one in an antique mall it was $90.00).

But that’s okay, I actually enjoy used books – the idea that this book was read and maybe loved before I acquired it is nice.

Dick and Jane stories were the staple of early reading in the 1930s – 1960s. Attractive, colorful illustrations and simple story lines – lovely Americana.


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2 responses to “Fun with Dick and Jane, part I

  1. Joe

    I learned to read following the antics of Spot and Sally. Those illustrations are so familiar that they feel like pictures of my own family. The reality is, of course, that my family never looked as good or was as prosperous as Dick and Jane’s.

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