The Letter O

O is for October.

Taken from Ready-To-Use Decorative Letters, Copyright-Free Designs; Edited by Carol Belanger Grafton. 1986 Dover Publications.


Filed under Clip Art, Ephemera

2 responses to “The Letter O

  1. My daughter is interested in learning typography. She’s often drawing letters to try to come up with some pleasing looks. I’ll send her this link.

    • These are all copyright free, so can be used in projects, etc. I first saw these Dover books at the Fort Worth library. This one I ordered from Amazon incredibly cheap. I think it was $1.00 + shipping.

      Good for your daughter! It’s best to begin a new skill when young and she’ll have a lifetime to develop her own style and hone it.

      One of the books I have from the library is about learning calligraphy. I have dreams…

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