Mourning in America

The black header is to denote the effect of the November 6th election on this nation.

In my opinion, it’s not bad enough that an anti-American charlatan won – even after the dismantling of our freedom over the past 4 years, ruining our economy, disrespecting our military, shoving his “health care” down our throats whether we want it or not … the worst thing is that a majority of the voting public knew all that and still chose him.

Do I question their patriotism?

For the ones that knew him and understood what he was doing – yes, I’m questioning their patriotism. Because they aligned themselves with someone who placed no value on what America has stood for, for the things that made her different, who apologize and criticize her at every turn.

Romney was not my first choice, or second or third or even fourth. But I held my nose and voted for him because I saw very troubling days ahead for this country if that man was re-elected.

Party identification, whether Democrat or Republican, or even Libertarian, was not the issue.

The question was: do you want an America that you recognize to continue?

And the deciders chose No.

And if there is not a miracle from heaven, we are in for some really bad times.


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9 responses to “Mourning in America

  1. fran

    that is totally correct. We do not need more gov. we need less.
    with less interference in our daily lives.
    I am smart enough to decide things for myself. I am not a puppet.
    I have a brain and I intend to use it. May those that did not use theirs
    on election day, have an epiphany and start using their rusty, decaying
    intelligence to stop this madness they call democrat.

  2. It’s time for Americans to start thinking for themselves, instead of drinking the Kool-Aid.

  3. Joe

    The unfortunate weakness in a democracy is that the majority rules when the majority is wrong.

    For instance; if the hispanic invasion from the south continued until there was nearly a majority of hispanics in this country, they could (with the ever accommodating “Progressives” help), elect a pro-Latino president who would lead the charge to change the USA into a version of Mexico.

    Another nightmare scenario is, if the Muslim invasion continues and gained a near majority, they could (again with the help of the ‘Progressives’), elect a stronger apologist for Islam (than we now have) that would lead the country to accept Sharia law.

    Unless our God in Heaven intervenes directly we would have no one watching our backs to help us in a takeover like the above. This outlines our real challenge for the future: we must be evangelists for the things that we know have made America the greatest nation that has ever existed. If we do not fight hard to take back our institutions (schools, universities, churches, libraries, IRS, State department, etc.) we will lose these freedoms that we cherish. Somehow, we have failed to teach the next generation how precious these are and how to protect them.

    They seem to bear a strong resemblance to those who were born and raised in the lap of luxury, servants and all. These princes and princesses have no regard for the sacrifices of those who have given their “…last full measure of devotion…” to provide the luxuries that these little snots enjoy. But with the disdain that only the pampered rich (at one time only they could afford to adopt such an attitude) these toss off the traditions and mores of all our forefathers and live life small and selfish and self-centered to the extent that they refuse to see that there are hordes of pagans carefully searching for a way to not only deprive them of their luxurious life styles, but their happiness, liberty and life; not necessarily in that order.

    Unless we do something to change that, we will never put another decent man in the white house, nor win another war, nor stop the invading hordes who desire to subject us to the will of their ‘gods’. May Jehovah God help us!

  4. it’s the age of entitlement…why work? Liberal college education has contributed to this and now it’s moving on down to the lower grades. Along with all the political correctness out there. I hate it…our children and grandchildren will have even more craziness to deal with. Ron Paul would’ve been a great choice but people can’t take their blinders off long enough to see.

  5. fran

    very insightful comments. How can Americans be so blinded by jibberish that the
    majority voted for in the election. They will be truly sorry, but will it in fact be too llate for us to take back this country and be once again free like our forefathers
    intented for us to be. All those that are sinking our country want to bury their
    head in the sand but leave their hands out to get all the freebies promised by
    those that can talk the prettiest. I would take George W Bush anyday over all
    these so called educated people in charge. He at least had a conscience and
    courage and conviction and didn’t waver with the blowing of the hot air blown
    out by those he thought would re elect him. How very very sad for this country
    to be facing the doom and gloom that is to follow. Where are level heads when
    we need them. People have gotten too soft to have a REAL educated true
    opinion about the direction of this country. When will we learn to stand up for

  6. I dont understand someone against medical care for all their people . I cannot imagine how it was, long time ago, in my country when free medical cares for all were not available and that someone could suffer and die from a curable desease just because of poverty. To me, medicare means being civilized and the contrary would be barbarian. If USA was like in the old times, you would still have slaves. I have the feeling that your new slavery is the way you are using those with no papers to exploit them for jobs that no one wants to do. An open heart for others, that is the way i want to live my life in this world.

    • America is a democratic republic. Until the last few years, we didn’t force our citizens to do things “for their own good”, because that is not freedom.

      You didn’t name your country, but your description is one of a socialist form of government.

      I plan to answer you in depth in a regular blog post because there’s a lot to say; perhaps you won’t be interested because you seem to have been influenced by the “America is the great Satan” assertion.

      I’m not a liberal, socialist, progressive or America-hater.

      • I live in Canada, Canada is not a socialist country. I am not an USA hater, there are a lot of good peoples in all countries. The bible teaches us to treat others like ourselfs. A lot to think about… To me, It is just unthinkable to let people die when they can be cure. What is the point of giving large amount of money to help Haiti when they had that earthquake and beside, let your poorer citizens die of curable desase becase you think they cost too much… I am proud to live in a country that has the courage to ask us to pay more taxes so that we can take care off all our peoples and i understanf that it also means that some system abusers will show up, but that is part of the game.

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