Governors react to planned parenthood videos

From the August 4, 2015 article at The Daily Signal:

Gov. Bobby Jindal is directing Louisiana to investigate acts by planned parenthood Gulf Coast.

And in Texas, “Greg Abbott also has ordered a probe of Planned Parenthood’s activities in his state.”

Let’s see if any of the other governors are men and women of honor and follow suit.


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2 responses to “Governors react to planned parenthood videos

  1. Jamie Wilcox

    Hello Carla, I pinned one of your pretty Christmas graphics to my board and decided to check out your site. You have some wonderful graphics, but what amazed and delighted me was when I saw the Faith category. I found a kindred spirit in you as I read your posts. I, too, am saddened at our country’s departure from God, and the direction we’re headed. I look so forward to visiting your site regularly.

    God bless you,
    Jamie Wilcox

    • What a nice comment, Jamie. Thank you!

      It’s wonderful when we come into contact with like-minded people. There’s a lot wrong with the internet, but finding friends is one of the good things.

      So glad you visited and please feel free to comment anytime.

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