D-Day, 2016

If you love freedom, go vote.

If you love America, go vote.

Please, please, please don’t vote for the woman who got the 3:00 a.m. call, and left 4 Americans to die in Benghazi.


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8 responses to “D-Day, 2016

  1. Jamie W.

    Well said, Carla. That woman got the call and she failed miserably. God bless America, and America…bless God!

  2. Well, now America stands a chance of being the great nation it was before we were railroaded by the socialists. Looks like God has other ideas about what we need. I for one have restored faith in the American people and hope that the misery for many of us will end.

  3. Carla – I don’t have your email address anymore…new computer and it’s not coming up in my mail program! grrr… I’m going to post this here and you can delete it if you want but this is unbelievable and so scary what is happening in public schools! http://whoradio.iheart.com/onair/simon-conway-42296/exclusive-middle-school-teacher-exposed-antitrump-15317053/#ixzz4QPKWRd7v

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