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And so it begins…

This is my opinion.

Has anyone thought about what facebook has done? They sucked us in with a free, fun website. Games, contacts with family, old friends we’d lost touch with, business pages and a whole lot more.

But it wasn’t free.

It was very expensive.

We were lulled with shiny objects and gave lots of information about ourselves. Photos of our families. Where we go eat, where we work, where we live, who our friends are, who our enemies are. Our core beliefs, our politics, our loyalties. What we watch, what we read. Our weaknesses.

And we became addicted to it. Because if we aren’t addicted, why would we continue to be a part of something so encompassingly wicked and evil?

They took all our information and sold it. We knew but we blew it off. And now, as all totalitarians do, they’ve begun the silencing.

They have silenced the PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. Let that sink in. fb and m.z. think they’re more powerful than the leader of the free world. They helped to install their Manchurian Candidate.

Along with google and apple, they’re tightening the screws on us. We start leaving to go to Parler or MeWe, and the Axis of Evil starts trying to squelch the other formats.I’m leaving fb. I will not trade my freedom for anything.

Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, Apple be damned

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