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Christmas Is Coming

A Wreath of Carols was one of the books I selected in 7th grade when our English teacher, Mrs. Sappington, took orders for the Scholastic Book Service. Seems I’ve had a weakness for books (like some women have for shoes or purses) for quite a long time because I can remember narrowing down my choices to only 4 or 5 each month when we were given the new flyers.

Joe and I have literally worn the covers off of this book. It’s one of Joe’s favorite Christmas carol collections. He said the arrangements are simple but nice and good for singing as well as playing.

[“A Wreath of Carols”, 47 Christmas Songs selected and edited by Betty M. Own and Mary E. Macewen. Published in 1966 by Scholastic Book Services.]

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Nativity, Dec. 2

Definition of CRÈCHE: a representation of the Nativity scene

[Artwork from “The Whole Christmas Catalogue” by Meg Crager, Margaret Grace; photographs by Jack Deutsch, additional illustrations by Durell Godfrey; revised by Barbara Radcliffe Rogers. Published 1988 by Price Stern Sloan]

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Vintage Christmas Cards, II

Vintage Christmas Cards

Vintage Christmas Cards, III

Vintage Christmas Cards, IV

Vintage Christmas Cards, VI


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