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A Mini Beach Vacation

Oklahoma is having record low temperatures (last night Bartlesville was 28 degrees below zero) and even though it’s a little better here in Texas, I think we could all do with a little beach time.

For those of us who won’t be hopping a plane for a tropical island, here’s a little 10 minute getaway.

We’ll start with a montage of surfing stills accompanied by the Surfaris playing Wipeout. Click here.

This one has some of the best surfing video I’ve ever seen with the Beach Boys singing Catch a Wave.

And let’s close with the Beach Boys singing Kokomo with some great beach shots.

Ahhh…. Galveston…..springtime…..

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February Snow Scenes

Joe put his ear muffs on this morning, went out back and took these. The snow looks like God put glitter on top of it.

Rabbit tracks.

Probably dog – could be coyote.

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Winter in North Texas??

It sleeted then snowed here on Monday night. We usually get something like that once or twice a winter here in north Texas, and sometimes an even heavier snow but what has been really unusual is:
how cold it has been,
how long it has stayed that cold,
how long the snow has stayed
and that it snowed on top of previously fallen snow.

This is the first time this has happened since we moved here almost 30 years ago.

Thankfully, Joe’s job allows him to work from home at times like this, so we haven’t had the worry of having to get out on the roads. For several days we hadn’t been any farther than giving hay to the next-door-donkey or the mailbox.

However, cabin fever was setting in (I know how silly that sounds after 4 measly days) and this afternoon we ventured into town to the grocery store. Our country road (and the others we traveled on to get to the highway) were still snowy and frozen but the highway was fairly clear.

It was really beautiful and a pleasure just to get out.

We passed a dad and some kids who’d made a snow fort. I had never seen one and commented that they must be from up north.


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