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Classic Cars

Yesterday was Motorhead Sunday at our church; two of our church members showed their cars alongside the ones from the classic car club, the chaplain of the car club preached, their quartet sang, then we had a bar-b-que dinner on the grounds.

It was a fine October day spent with excellent company!


img_20161023_093726339_hdrBuick Riviera

img_20161023_094000715_hdr1930 something Ford

img_20161023_094220251_hdrThis owner has a sense of humor.  They tow a trailer made to look like a classic car.  Access is through the hood, and a photo of a cat is in the window.

img_20161023_094802662_hdr1959 Chevrolet.  What a beauty!

img_20161023_094332597_hdrIncredible leg room back then,

img_20161023_094313717and a clear view all the way around.


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Yesterday Joe saw a Rolls Royce pulling into the gas station at Wal-Mart. He said the car was one of the vintage ones with the fancy grill on the front.

That’s Texas for you.

Eccentric millionaire? Chauffeur? Thrifty person who can afford a hand-built automobile after a lifetime of conserving money?

Obviously, not a snob.

Boy, would I like to know the rest of that story!

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1963 Riviera

Every time we see a vintage Riviera, my husband always thinks about his Aunt Betty, who drove one out in Orange County, California.

No one in my neighborhood even owned a Buick.

The above photo is taken from the June 18, 1963 issue of LOOK magazine.

The magazine cost .25.

The car’s base price was $4,333 and with options ran up to $5,000 according to the Wikipedia article, which has some nice photos and the history of the car.

The average salary was $5,807 that year. Can you imagine buying a car that equaled your income?

For a list of other interesting facts and price about 1963, as well as a cool youtube video of Johnny Cash singing “Ring of Fire”, go here.

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1950s Cars, Part III

1956 Pontiac station wagons

FOUR OF AMERICA’S BEST BUYS…for Beauty, Bigness and Blazing Go!

1956 Pontiac 860 4-Door

860 4-DOOR, 3-seat, with room for 9 passengers…both rear seats fold for extra carrying space

Why not have fun while you’re being practical?

Here are four wonderful ways to do just that! Each one is sleek and exciting as a sports car, handy as a pickup truck…and extra big in the bargain with a road-leveling 122″ wheelbase!

But the really breath-taking difference in Pontiac’s fabulous family wagons is the way the GO!

There’s nothing like it…because they’re powered by the greatest performance team ever offered in a station wagon…the mighty 227-horsepower Strato-Streak V-8 and revolutionary Strato-Flight Hydra-Matic Drive*!

That big, extra power means handling ease and liveliness you’ve never known in a big car before.

And wait ’til you hear the prices. They’re as practical and exciting…as the cars themselves…starting right down with the lowest!

See your Pontiac dealer soon – see why these fabulous ’56 Pontiacs are rated America’s best station wagon buys!

* An extra-cost option.


860 2 Door, 2-seat

1956 Pontiac 860 2-Door, 2-seat

860 2-DOOR, 2-seat, low-priced suburban favorite available in 48 color combinations

1956 Pontiac Star Chief Safari

STAR CHIEF SAFARI 2-DOOR, 2-seat custom de luxe style leader

1956 Pontiac 870 4-Door, 2-seat

870 4-DOOR, 2-seat, rear seat folds flat for 7 1/2′ carrying space with gate closed, 9′ gate open


These ads are from the April 27, 1956 Collier’s Magazine.

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1950s Cars, Part II

1956 Lincoln

A Lincoln is to dress up and go

A Lincoln is a moving idea with 285 horsepower to second the motion

Each inch is luxury: 222 new inches of beauty and confort based on strength and safety and power

A Lincoln is one of the Ford family of fine cars

Every mile from the dealers’ doors these are the five best ways to get from place to place

the Ford * the Thunderbird * the Mercury * the Lincoln * the Continental”

1956 De Soto Firedome 4-Door Station Wagon

“One of 5

1 Pushbutton PowerFlite. Chrysler Corporation leads the field again with the driving advance of the year! Like magic – you just push a button and go! No levers or gears to bother with. Pushbutton PowerFlite is as easy as ringing a doorbell. Its simple mechanical design has been fully tested and perfected. Why not try it today?

2 Power Steering all the time! Other cars still haven’t caught up with Chrysler Corporation’s full-time Power Steering! It helps you 60 minutes of every driving hour!

3 Extra Power Longer! No other American passenger car V-8 engines have dome-type combustion chambers!

4 Safest Brakes! Chrysler Corporation brings you the biggest advance in brakes in 25 years! Easier, surer, less adjusting, longer lining life!

5 Brightest Design Note of 1956! THE FLIGHT-SWEEP – one clean aerodynamic sweep from headlight to upswept rear fender!

You get so much more for what you pay in a car of Chrysler Corporation. See your dealer now!


See Chrysler Corporation’s Great TV Shows, “Shower of Stars” and “Climax!” Thursday nights, CBS-TV

I apologize for the poor quality of these photographs. It has again become difficult to scan things in, and really difficult to get a good photo. When you click on each picture to enlarge, the quality improves.
These ads are from the April 27, 1956 Collier’s Magazine

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1950s Cars

1956 Buick Special (Convertible)

Gorgeous way to go Special

Somewhere deep inside you, haven’t you always yearned for a rakish Convertible like this one?

And if you could justify your purchase on purely practical grounds, woudn’t you give it real consideration?

Well, good sir, we have news for you.

This spirited sweep of gorgeous automobile is a Buick SPECIAL – the suave Convertible in Buick’s lowest-priced Series.

And that means it can be yours for just a few dollars more than similar models of the well-known smaller cars.

But right there is where the resemblance reaches an abrupt end.

For this is a thoroughbred Buick – blithe in spirit, and big in every sense of the word.

You have only to stand up close to know its ample breadth of dimension from bumper to bumper, from door to door.

You have only to put it in motion to sense on the instant, that here is a true big-car ride – smooth, level, solid against the road – and advantaged by a host of engineering gems.

Yet even that isn’t all.

For it’s when you bring this beauty from a standing start to full cruise that you learn of the thrills to be had in a ’56 Buick.

There’s the soaring lift of mighty power from Buick’s 322-cubic-inch VI engine to wing yo along with almost effortless ease.

And there’s the new wonder of an advanced Variable Pitch Dynaflow* – now with new instant response at only part throttle – and still with that spectacular switch-pitch action for a real safety-surge when you floor the pedal.

So why not let yourself go?

Why not look into this high-spirited beauty with the low price tag? It’s sheer sport, pure luxury – and it makes uncommonly good sense. Man to see is your Bucik dealer, and the time is now.


*New Advanced Variable Pitch Dynaflow is the only Dynaflow Buick builds today. It is standard on Roadmaster, Super and Century – optional at modest extra cost on the Special.

SEE JACKIE GLEASON ON TV Every Saturday Evening

Best Buick yet

1956 Pinehurst V8 Studebaker

“PINEHURST V8 …210 hp…most luxurious and comfortable station wagon in its class. It’s the fine car for the man who does big things in a big way.

Tune in “TV Reader’s Digest” every week.

Studebaker Craftsmanship with a flair!
Division of Studebaker-Packard Corporation – Where pride of workmanship


comes first!”

1956 Studebaker stationwagons

“PELHAM…Big wagon ruggedness, room, and luxury at a low, low price. Plenty of power and zip from Studebaker’s proven Sweepstakes 185 Six engine.

Wherever you go…whatever you do…

PARKVIEW V8…Dazzling performance with distinctive beauty. Special double-teamed springs give you sedan comfort, even with heaviest loads.

One of these wagons is “right” for you!

Rugged and “right” – Studebaker brings you the most glamorous, stylish station wagons of them all. Here’s big room…a richly comfortable ride…an extra-strong body and frame to take years of hardest service. See and drive the new Studebaker wagons at your dealer’s soon!”

These ads were taken from the April 27, 1956 issue of Collier’s magazine, price – .15


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1968 Cars, Part II

1968 Mercury Montego

1968 Oldsmobile Cutlass

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