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Choosing Links

Blogs are one of the most gratifying ways to use the internet. There are so many topics, styles of writing, categories and information. There’s just so much.

It’s like reading free magazines and I love reading good magazines.

Some are better than others. Some have fantastic photography, recipes, insight or humor. Free blog hosts like WordPress allow anyone to publish their own mini magazine/newspaper/cookbook, or ______________ . Fill in the blank.

But there are some that are like the type of magazines that you make you feel crummy just by opening them and you certainly won’t do that again.

But mostly, they’re just fun and entertaining and maybe I’ll learn a little something.

Finding new ones is like rolling a snowball downhill. It’s sure easy to keep picking up more and more because of individual Link Lists or BlogRolls or My Favorite Places, etc. Sometimes it just keeps going and going and it’s difficult to remember where I even started.

One of the things that I’m learning on this journey is – not to add one to my Link List too quickly. Generally, I first try to read a blog for quite a while and find out what it’s really about. I know that I’m not going to agree with anyone else 100% of the time, but there are red flags to watch for, such as apostasy, hedonism, street language or just crudity.

I try to visit the ones on my list regularly. Most of them are there for my convenience anyway because I visit them so often. But today, I felt that I needed to delete of them because of newly posted pictures that were not exactly pornography, but definitely lusty and designed to be that way. Never mind what the world is telling us about being sexy and provocative – Jesus told us that lust is simply not okay. If I keep that blog listed, then I’m actually endorsing it by clearing a path to it’s door.

Even though they have the freedom of speech to do what they want with their blog (within the limitations of their host), it doesn’t mean that I have to endorse it. When I post that I’m a Christian, there should be the expectation that I’m not going to recommend something that will lead people away from Jesus.

Another thing that worries me is that some of my favorite blogs (including some on my Link List), have some links that I’m uncomfortable with and I’m not sure what to do about that. Those blog authors don’t have a problem with false religions – including but not limited to – secular humanism and liberal politics.

For now, let’s just say that mine have been vetted, but I can’t endorse all of the ones on their BlogRoll.

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Long time no post.

Keeping up with our two grandsons has become my priority and as much as I really enjoy blogging, it has had to come second or third or somewhere else down the list. And rightly so. People are more important than things.

When I have time to think, sometimes I think about possible posts and ones that won’t take as much time or research but still be fun. Hopefully this weekend, I can write several as drafts and have them ready to publish.

Those of you that have checked back only to find no new posts: thanks for hanging around.


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Blogging – Shouldn’t there be a better name for something so enjoyable?

*Note of Apology to all those Bloggers that I visited and re-visited today – I’m sure that your dashboard looks weird with all my visits. I was trying to backtrack and follow my rabbit trail for this post and it was really difficult because my browser History had holes in it. That involved lots of going back and forth.

Since I am not a technology person (I can cheerfully listen to AM non-stereo radio, for instance; we not only do not have cable, we do not even have a tv antenna), my husband has been really surprised at how I’ve taken to some of the benefits of the computer. And blogs and blogging are at the top of my list.

This weekend we were invited for dinner at the lovely home of some of our lovely friends. While the men sat on the deck (that Buzz made) talking men talk (whatever that is), Geneva and I sat in the air conditioning and talked women talk: faith, family, houses, decorating, and blogging. They have each begun blogs,which I will link to when they make them public. I can hardly wait to see them. They are some of the most creative people! We’ve known them for about 20 years and I’ve seen their homes in various styles of decorating, inside and out. Nothing less than stunning. Ever. She told me about her brother and sister-in-law’s new house, and I wish I could see it, because if Geneva thinks it’s beautiful, then I believe that it is.

Anyway, back to the blogging: I told her that I could cheerfully sit at the computer every morning and read blogs for a couple of hours. Usually I don’t do this, mostly because my surgery area starts really hurting after about 30 minutes, then it’s the heating pad and a lie down.

I told her that blogs are like personal magazines, and for goodness sake, do I love magazines!

The approach which I’ve taken with carla-at-home is “what would I want to read?” Or, what do I want to record for my family? Of course, when reading others, their lives and their interests sometimes connect with me and sometimes they don’t.

Before our last hard drive crashed, I had a ton of blogs bookmarked under all kinds of categories: Blogs-Cottage, Blogs, Christian, Blogs-Recipes, Blogs-Political, Blogs-Crafts, Blogs-Vintage Movies, Blogs-England. And then there was the A List: A Blogs, which was a smattering of my favorites from all the categories. The list got to be a bit long, so I used 7 dividers and would go through a section each day of the week. That didn’t take as long to catch up on as one might think, because several of them don’t post daily, and also many are just photos with very littlle script.

By far, most of them were discovered by reading the first person’s blog, then skimming through their BlogRoll of favorites, then theirs, and so on.

A funny thing I’ve discovered is that sometimes after surfing around and visiting a totally new one, I will see a favorite of mine listed on someone else’s BlogRoll. And maybe the previous 2 links are ones that I’d never been to before.

This morning I started out at 50s Housewife, saw a comment I’d made yesterday about homemade tortillas, then clicked on the name of the commenter above (Traci @ The Bakery) because she had a neat photo. That took me to her Profile page and wonder of wonders I didn’t even notice that she’s in Oklahoma! – saw that she’s a Christian, clicked on her blog Living the Good Life, and Wow! I loved her 1950s decorated bedroom. On her list, I saw Cherry Hill Cottage and One Pretty Thing (which are 2 of my regular places to visit), but I clicked on the Profile of another commenter: Fresh from the Farm, saw an interesting photo on her Blogroll, so I clicked on it (Rambling Gal – which has a really funny story), then saw the title New Nostalgia on her Blogroll and that intrigued me because I am a very nostalgic person.

So the surfing went like this:

50s HousewifeLiving the Good Life Fresh from the Farm Rambling GalNew Nostalgia A Holy Experience.

There’s so much dicey stuff out there in the name of religion or “Spirituality” that I’m a little cautious and when I saw that Category at the top of her page, I clicked on it (in modern life “spirituality” can mean just about anything). What I found was another link to a wonderfully refreshing story about life and walking with Jesus. Here’s the last link to this stunning story on Ann Voskamp’s blog: A Holy Experience.

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