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Simon’s Cat in ‘Double Trouble’

There’s a new kitten in the house and Simon Tolbert’s cat has the typical response.

You can view it on his website by clicking on the image above or go here to watch it on youtube.


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New Simon’s Cat Video


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You Tube Cat Humor

Lately I’ve been having trouble with wordpress allowing me to insert photographs, and it’s a little boring to do very many posts without them, so for now, I’m just going to insert some fun and/or interesting youtube videos that I’ve found.

This first one was posted by a friend on Facebook. Thanks Johnny.

And here’s the latest Simon’s Cat.

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Simon’s Cat

Simon's Cat Book

Simon Tolfield is an English animator who has posted his clever video/cartoons on youtube.


Go here for his youtube page that lists all his cartoons.

TV Dinner is one of my favorites.

Another favorite is Snow Business.

And for those of us with dogs, there’s Fed Up.

Go here for the Simon’s Cat Official Website.

Hope you enjoy them.

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