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Costume Jewelry Repair

Somewhere along the line I acquire this brooch, which looks to me as if it’s from the 1950s. It’s a pretty little piece but was missing one of the stylized hearts and a green rhinestone. Probably a replacement could’ve been easily found for the rhinestone, but the heart was a bit tricky. They’re probably mother-of-pearl, or at least supposed to look like they are.

Even though I wore it a few times like it was, I began thinking about possible solutions for the missing pieces.

And I remembered Stickles.

Here it is after one coat of gold for the heart shape, and green on the rhinestone part.

On close inspection it wouldn’t fool anyone, but then, I hope not too many people will have their faces right up close to my lapel.

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Stenciled Christmas Cards, 2010

This is a Using What You Have post:

Yes, I know it’s already December 20th, and I haven’t sent out our Christmas cards.

In fact, until 8:00 a.m. this morning, I didn’t even have any.

What I did have was some white card stock, Christmas stencils of ornaments and snowflakes, white and navy blue acrylic paints, a stencil brush, some Christmas rubber stamps, a 15 year old blue stamp pad (never re-inked), some Stickles and a box of envelopes that my friend Donna bought for me at a garage sale a couple of years ago.

First I cut the card stock in half, then folded each piece once to make the basic card.

Then I mixed about 1/2 teaspoon of navy acrylic paint with 1 teaspoon of white. I didn’t measure it – I just estimated a 2 to 1 ratio because that gave me the light blue I was looking for.

Then, I placed the stencil over the folded card, and using a stencil brush with very little paint on it, stippled the paint on. After setting them aside to dry (which is really fast if not too much paint is used), I turned the envelopes over and stenciled a small snowflake or ornament over the point of the back flap.

Next, I used Stickles glitter glue to highlight parts of the design. After that was dry (and Stickles do take awhile to dry), my sister (who was here helping me by this time) ran the blue stamp pad around the edges of the front of the card to kind of frame it.

Then Fran and I stamped the inside message, either “Wise Men Still Seek Him” or “NOEL” and “Merry Christmas” along the left edge of the front side of the envelope.

Now I just need to sign and address them.

And of course, mail them.


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Altered Box

This is a box that I made for my sister. I’m just a tad late. February 14, 2009 to be exact. That was when my sister (Fran), our friend (Abby) and I did a Valentine box exchange.

Altered box lid.

Glitter just seems to make everything better. I highlighted parts of the box lid with with silver Stickles (another great Made in the U.S.A. product) but it doesn’t show in the photos.

The box I started for her didn’t turn out well, so I just put it aside. I actually did give her the contents at that time – just not the box.

It has a hinged lid and is fastened with velcro.  It’s a little confusing figuring out how to open it, so I stamped the instructions to Lift Here by the handle (just above the lettering and not visible in the photograph above).

Inside the lid.

Of course, I didn’t make the box itself; I just altered one.

The paper is Graphic45 and made in the U.S.A. I purchased it from a really great shop in Skiatook, Oklahoma called Sparks Fly Studio. It’s a wonderful place that’s hard to pigeonhole. They have lots of supplies for whatever kind of paper projects you prefer: scrapbooking, card making, altered books, altered boxes, etc. But it’s more than just that, which I guess is why it’s called a studio. Among the classes they offer is one in calligraphy, which I’d like to take.

When (hopefully not if) I can retrieve photos from the balky laptop, I’ll post the ones I took the day Fran and I shopped there.

It’s a real jewel.

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Jazzing up Store Bought Cards

My goal every year is to make all my own Christmas cards, and of course write a personal note on each one that I send. In the real world, many times I just sign:


Joe & Carla

Also, I’m realistic enough to buy boxes of cards when they go on sale after Christmas. If nothing else, it gives me a cheap source of envelopes for the cards that I make. Sometimes the boxes go on sale for .25 for 25 cards. Now that’s a mathematical story problem I can solve. A penny apiece.

Affordable cards made in the U.S.A.

These came from the local Dollar General one year. One thing, though – I try to make sure that they’re made in the U.S.A. and not in …. well, that country that seems to make just about everything we buy nowadays. There’s probably nothing at all wrong with the ink they use. Probably no lead or anything worse (there was that scare about the toys a year or two ago), but my goal is to always buy American first if I can. Anyway, last year, I supplemented my handmade cards with these.


They were awfully plain, and well, glitter is like a string of pearls: it just goes with everything.

For embellishments, I got out plain old Elmer’s glue – not made in the U.S. anymore – and my box of glitter tubes and bottles. My sister uses Stickles and it’s so easy to use and goes where where you want it to – next time I’ll use it for this kind of project. Stickles is glitter glue made by Ranger (in the U.S. as all there products are). It’s really superior to the kind of glitter glue I used to buy in the 1980’s. Nana’s Scrapbooks in Weatherford has some and I hope to add new colors to my stash. Nana’s is a very nice little scrapbook store. The owner is a kind Christian lady and very helpful. I’d link her website, but I couldn’t find it using the search engine.

Can a girl have too much glitter?

Red glitter for the berries on the bell cards.

These also needed something extra so I touched up the snow with white glitter and also a few bits of red and green.

Not exactly handmade, but at least hand embellished. And it was surprising how much nicer they looked. They certainly didn’t look like penny cards.


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