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Classic Cars

Yesterday was Motorhead Sunday at our church; two of our church members showed their cars alongside the ones from the classic car club, the chaplain of the car club preached, their quartet sang, then we had a bar-b-que dinner on the grounds.

It was a fine October day spent with excellent company!


img_20161023_093726339_hdrBuick Riviera

img_20161023_094000715_hdr1930 something Ford

img_20161023_094220251_hdrThis owner has a sense of humor.  They tow a trailer made to look like a classic car.  Access is through the hood, and a photo of a cat is in the window.

img_20161023_094802662_hdr1959 Chevrolet.  What a beauty!

img_20161023_094332597_hdrIncredible leg room back then,

img_20161023_094313717and a clear view all the way around.


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More Clouds




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September Clouds

img_20160901_075956558 img_20160901_080001917



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Governors react to planned parenthood videos

From the August 4, 2015 article at The Daily Signal:

Gov. Bobby Jindal is directing Louisiana to investigate acts by planned parenthood Gulf Coast.

And in Texas, “Greg Abbott also has ordered a probe of Planned Parenthood’s activities in his state.”

Let’s see if any of the other governors are men and women of honor and follow suit.


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How Texas feels about gun control

You know you’re in Texas when…

Big Gun


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Pecan Grove

Yesterday I posted pictures of downtown Dallas. Today’s post is something a little closer to my heart – the countryside.

There are several large pecan groves in our area of north Texas (as well as in NE Oklahoma where I grew up).

This is quite a large grove; there are hundreds of trees all lined up, row after row.

Looks like the husbandman has planted a replacement, and is guarding it from… deer?

Perhaps city vs. country is kind of like the question: What kind of vacation do you prefer?

Mountains or beach?

Mountains are gloriously beautiful, but a bit overwhelming. And I guess the giant buildings of Dallas remind me of the that, at least in how I feel surrounded by them.

The beach is my favorite place. And if I can’t be at the beach, a pecan grove will do just fine.

Isn’t that an inviting looking little path?


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Bigger than Dallas

That’s an expression that folks in this part of the country use.

We’re more Fort Worth kind of people and rarely go to Dallas; but we did this weekend and drove around downtown snapping pictures like a couple of tourists.

And of course …

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To Oklahoma and Back

A few photos from our trip to Oklahoma last weekend.

Oklahoma sky

Before the rain

The Arbuckle hills, Oklahoma


North Texas

First glimpse of the courthouse

By clicking on the photo to enlarge, you can see the courthouse far off in the distance.

Wise County Courthouse

I apologize for getting part of the windshield in this one – but even so, it turned out to be the best shot of the courthouse.

Home again

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