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Memorial Day 2012

To Those who faithfully served or are now serving – Thank You.


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Pearl Harbor Day

Didn’t have the post ready for today, but here’s the link to a previous one I wrote about Pearl Harbor.

You don’t have to have been a visitor here very often to know that I have a great deal of admiration and gratitude to those serving in the U.S. military.

However, those who use their service to abuse other veterans don’t have my gratitude – just my contempt, at best.

Those who work for the Veteran’s Administration and use their passcodes to check up on the files of their enemies.

Or those who denigrate, debase and defame other veterans in court.

You know who you are.

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Veterans Day

My two veterans joined our military during times of war and served in the war zones.

Joe Hoag, USS Meredith
Joe, United States Navy, 1966-1970 Viet Nam War

Bagran Air Base, Afghanistan, 2006

Bagran Air Base, Afghanistan, 2006

Our son, United States Army, 2005-2009, Afghanistan

They are my heroes.


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