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1932 February Menu

(Click on image to enlarge to a legible size, and click again, if necessary.)

Needlecraft Magazine printed menu suggestions each month. It’s helpful to bear in mind that 1932 was deep depression. Around that time, my great-uncle sold his 3 story Victorian home in Kentucky for $500.

Average Cost of new house $6,510.00
Average wages per year $1,650.00 (if you even had a job)
Cost of a gallon of Gas 10 cents
Average Cost for house rent $18.00 per month
A loaf of Bread 7 cents
A LB of Hamburger Meat 10 cents
New Car Average Price $610.00
Average House Price 540

Go here for more information about 1932.

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Vintage Children’s February Magazines

When I was a little girl, there were 2 different magazines that my mother bought for me. One was Humpty Dumpty (I think geared for slightly younger children) and Jack and Jill.

Jack and Jill, February 1958

(It has been snowing like gangbusters here in north Texas today – since before daylight. I wanted to show you that our bird feeder looks like the one on the cover of the Jack and Jill.)

Back then, everyone knew that there was a difference between girls and boys and that each gender was interested in different things.

These 2 issues are ones that I bought at the antique mall. I wish they had scanned in more clearly, but if you click on them, they will enlarge. And if it shows a magnifying glass, it will enlarge even more and I think it will be legible.

The cover on this one is a little more worn, but that’s okay, because it’s still interesting and it only cost $1.00.


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Vintage February Magazines

Needlecraft Magazine, February 1932

These magazines sold for .10.

Home Arts Magazine, February 1940

Even if things cost 20 times more now, that would still make them cost only $2.00 in current prices. Most of the Somerset (Stampington) magazines – like Artful Blogging, and Somerset Life cost $14.99. Granted, they are much thicker periodicals, but that’s still a huge chunk of money for a magazine.

Photos from these magazine still to come this month.

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