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More Vintage Valentines

The brown on the bear is velvety, which of course doesn’t show on the photograph.


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Made in theĀ U.S.A. – Vintage Valentines

Up to this point, all of my Made in the U.S.A. Monday posts have focused on new products.

However, I’ll depart from that today and feature a vintage valentine I bought at the antique mall.

There are lots of domestically made products at the antique mall. I’ve bought dominoes, a working clock radio and lots of other things produced here in our own country when quality mattered.

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Vintage Valentines

These are a few of the vintage valentines I’ve collected through the years.

There are no dates on the backs but they look 1940s to me; possibly a little on either side of that.

The backs have been signed with fountain pens so they’re probably pre-1950s.

More this week …


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