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Two Acts of Generosity


Scarves by Fran

My very generous sister knitted these 2 pink scarves for us to give to the daughters of one of my husband’s co-workers.

They are a lovely family.  Came here from China about 15 years ago.  Had never even heard of Jesus, then an apartment neighbor shared the gospel and the whole family became Christians.  Solid, dedicated Christians.  This summer we were all at a company function and were delighted to get to know them better.

And since my sister is like a knitting machine (does she even knit in her sleep?), scarves, purses, shawls, prayer shawls, sweaters, etc. , I asked if she would make me one for the little girl and she surprised me with one for the older sister as well.  I don’t know if the photo shows it, but they are very soft.

Then yesterday, after lunch and the park with our son and grandsons, Joe said we were going to get a new hard drive for our computer.  The lament around here is that we’re out of space. They were  on sale and he got the last one in stock – in fact it was a return – at a good price.  I won’t show a photo of the hard drive because I (unlike all the men in our family) think the inner workings of a computer are boring and unattractive.

So, lovely things from lovely people.  Thanks to both of them.



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