Shoes, 1960

High heels ~

And flats ~


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4 responses to “Shoes, 1960

  1. This is just too cool. I love how styles really haven’t changed…classy is ALWAYS in style ❤

    • Beautiful, aren’t they?

      I was in Kindergarten in 1960, so never got to wear these shoes, except when playing dress-up. By the time I was old enough to wear adult shoes, it was the hideous ’70s in all its clunkiness.

      Now beautiful shoes are back but I’m too old to wear anything but flats.

      Such is life.

      Thank you for visiting!

      I’m always curious how people got here.

      Through a search for vintage clothes?

      • You know I just did a search on “Fashion” for the most recent posts and yours popped up. I just LOVE looking at vintage pictures like you posted.
        You’re not the only person who only wears flats so don’t feel bad…I’m in my 30s and because of bad feet I’m consigned to wearing them the rest of my life 😀

      • Annie, thanks for letting me know how you got to my blog. I’m always curious.

        I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the vintage pictures. There’s one more post before I go on to something else – swimsuits. Hope you like them, too. They’re a bit different from what’s available now.

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