Contentment at Home

Natasha Burns has a lovely post about her home and her attitude about it. It’s called “loving what I have rather than wishing it was more.”

And over at Domestic Felicity, Anna has written a thoughtful post titled “No Cost Home Improvement.”

They both reminded me of a story by Amy Dacyczyn in one of her Tightwad Gazette books. I’ve looked through them and can’t find it, so I’ll have to keep looking, then post it. She told about going to the home of an older person – their furnishings weren’t expensive or even nice, but the home was spotlessly clean and welcoming.

Just what I needed to hear.

As I about to go to sleep a few nights ago, I sensed the Lord nudging me about the stashes of clutter everywhere. It’s a lifelong problem that I have to deal with and I simply hadn’t been dealing with it for awhile.

So yesterday, I tackled 3 problem areas and cleaned them up. The difference was amazing and so fulfilling. On days that I’m home, I hope to clean out at least one more area per day. On bad fibromyalgia days, I might be able to do only one, but one is progress and it’s one more step toward a clean house and organization.


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4 responses to “Contentment at Home

  1. Oh you’re so good to be tackling your clutter! i’m trying to do that too, it’s easier said than done. BUt you’re right, one bit at a time…. 🙂
    thanks for the mention 🙂

  2. You’re welcome – I found your post encouraging and just wanted to share it.

  3. Marlendy

    I also have lots and lots of clutter that needs attending too, especially my living room as I want to get the walls repaired and painted. I like to think of my clutter as items to help my create my handmade cards and my paper dolls that I design. Sounds so much better than the word “clutter” Enjoy reading your blog. Marge

  4. Thanks, Marge. I have lots and lots of that useful stuff that will come in handy for future paper projects – but they’re all contained in a spare bedroom that I use for a work space. And I agree, I don’t want to call it “clutter” (I’m sure a detached observer would use other words not nearly so nice). Mostly I try to keep it categorized in folders and boxes, but of course, not all of it is sorted.

    As to your living room painting plans, my friend, Patti, just painted her living room, hallway and spare bedroom. She had a water leak and was getting new carpet, so decided to paint first. It looks great and makes me start thinking about doing the same. My energy levels are probably not even half of normal and I feel fatigued after washing dishes or vacuuming, etc., so a big project like that seems overwhelming.

    But, maybe, if we prepare a little at a time …

    Her living room certainly does look great.

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