Hayley Mills Paper Doll

Hayley Mills, That Darn Cat

Wasn’t she just the cutest thing? She’s probably the cutest senior citizen now.

Everybody loved Hayley Mills.

Younger daughter of the famous actor John Mills, sister of Juliet Mills (The Nanny and the Professor), she tugged at our hearts in Pollyana, made us laugh in The Parent Trap and That Darn Cat and typified the mid-60s teenager in The Trouble with Angels (one of my favorite movies of all time).

The paperdolls from That Darn Cat were in my small collection as a girl, but that folder has been long gone and I replaced it with some that I bought on ebay.


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3 responses to “Hayley Mills Paper Doll

  1. I LOVED paper dolls when I was little. But, I have to admit, I like the ones that my granddaughters played with better — the ones that are magnetic so that you don’t have to deal with those darn tabs that didn’t do a very good job of holding the clothes on!

    These definitely bring back memories. I was always a HUGE Doris Day fan especially and I think I had a set of hers.

    • Sandra, Doris Day wore such beautiful clothes in the movies. This set that I have is not a great one, but some of the clothes are kind of fun.

      I’m very pleased that your granddaughters played with paper dolls – so many of the young women and girls I’ve talked with didn’t even know what they were. It’s a nice part of childhood.

  2. V.E.G.

    Hayley Mills was the last juvenile Oscar award winner during the Vietnam conflict.

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